Laa-Laa (played by Nikky Smedley in the original series and by Rebecca Hyland in the revival series) is the third Teletubby. She is yellow and has a curly antenna. Laa-Laa is very sweet, likes to sing and dance, and is often shown looking out for the other Teletubbies. Her favourite toy is an orange rubber ball.


Laa-Laa has lost her favorite ball so the others help find it. Watch Babies. Episode 5 of Season 1. Babies. 12m. The Teletubbies visit the Tiddlytubbies 

Then all the Teletubbies have a Big Hug before the windmill spins. The Teletubbies watch Connor with his grandfather's pigeons. After that, the Teletubbies bump their tummies and bottoms. Then, theyrun in and out of the house and over the hills before Experience the Teletubbies like never before! Join Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po as they laugh, dance, and explore the magical world of Teletubbyland.

Laa laa teletubbie

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Laa-Laa's ball bounces away and Laa-Laa went after it. She caught the ball and says "Eh-Oh" to the DipsyXLaa-Laa is the romantic pairing between Dipsy and Laa-Laa.. Dipsy and Laa-Laa. Dipsy and Laa-Laa were best friends since childhood, their parents knew each other, but when their parents unfortunately disappeared, Dipsy knew he had to take care of Laa-Laa. In The Teletubbies Movie, after the show ended in 2001, the Teletubbies went their separate ways, with Dipsy living in the Netherlands Laa-Laa's ball is Laa-Laa's favourite thing. It is a big carrot orange ball.

Facebook gives people the These are all episodes with Laa-Laa as the missing teletubby.

« Back £211.29 Product Code 880867 Standard (Fits up to 44" chest) 44.99 Teletubbies Po Teletubbies Po. Gå till butik. teletubbies laa laateletubbies.

Noo-Noo has also tidied up Laa-Laa's ball a few times. Laa-Laa loves her ball.

Laa laa teletubbie

Laa-Laa is the third Teletubby played by Rebecca Hyland. She is yellow and has a curly antenna on her head and she has a giant orange ball. Laa-Laa is very girly, she also enjoys shopping, fashion, taking showers (because she has a light pale yellow robe), going out for pizza, going out to see movies, and even loving animals (cats, rabbits, dogs, pecocks and even birds).

Laa laa teletubbie

Sign up with Mobicred. Out of stock. You must register to use the waitlist feature. Apr 30, 2020 Unboxing Tomy Hide Inside Teletubbies toys tinky winky dipsy laa laa po russian doll stack.

Laa laa teletubbie

Laa-Laa's ball bounces away and Laa-Laa went after it.
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Her eldest daughter resembles and is named after her.

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Köp Teletubbies på CDON. Alltid till bra pris och Teletubbies Besijuokiantis pliušinis teletabis, 25 cm, 2 asort. Teletubbies 24cm Talking Soft Toy - Laa-Laa.

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Stickers. See all Stickers · Teletubbies Laa Laa Sticker - Teletubbies Laa Laa Teletubby Stickers · #Teletubbies · #Laa-Laa · #teletubby · Teletubbies Laa Laa 

Laa-Laa is yellow, a performer and she loves to sing and dance! She is a bundle of good, fun energy.

Her favourite toy is an orange rubber ball. Laa-Laa is a teletubby with yellow fur and a curly antenna. As Holly, she is human with blonde hair and a yellow outfit. Laa-Laa is one of the very evil Teletubbies and a general in the Teletubby Army. She died from getting shot by Bonzi Buddy during The Great Teletubby Massacre, but she can respawn, so she is still alive. Teletubbies 8″ Talking Laa Laa Plush Soft Toy 4.3 out of 5 stars 45. $16.99.